5 Korean movies and dramas that are perfect for Christmas

If you are looking for Korean contents to watch during Christmas’s Eve, whether with families, lovers, or friends, here are some perfect fits. 

On Christmas, many people opt to rewatch classic movies such as “Home Alone”. However, if you are looking for more refreshing choices, below are some Korean contents that embrace the spirit of this occasion. 



“Josée” is a movie which features Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min. Here, Han Ji Min transforms into the beautiful woman Josée, who has a complicated mindset and a fair share of her own sorrows. Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk assumes the role of Young Seok, a college student who never values love until he meets Josée.

Josée feels like a healing Christmas song.

Yong Seok and Josée first met when the former helped the latter with her wheelchair. Then, they started with shared meals, and finally a shared heart. 

Slow-paced yet not dragging, “Josée“ is an artful masterpiece that can soothe both the heart and soul, at the same time provide warm feelings for a joyful occasion like Christmas. 



If “Josée” is a romantic tale, then “Pawn” is able to move hearts with a fatherly love even in absence of biological ties.   

The movie follows loan sharks Doo Seok and Jong Bae, who look cold and rough on the outside, but actually bear extremely soft hearts inside. In order to collect debts, they “kidnapped” the little girl Seung Yi, only to later form a found family with her. 

“Pawn” depicts a fatherly love even in absence of biological ties.   

Starring veteran actors such Sung Dong Il, Kim Hee Won, and Ha Ji Won, alongside the talented child actress Park So Yi, “Pawn” is also a festival of excellent acting performances, which audiences can’t help but praise. 

“The Beauty Inside” 

The next name on the list is the 2015 movie “The Beauty Inside”, which boasts an all-star cast of Han Hyo Joo, Park Seo Joon, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jin Wook, and Seo Kang Joon. The movie introduces a rather unique male lead – who transforms into different people every day, regardless of gender, age, and career. In fact, he may even become a foreigner, and speak their respective languages. 

the beauty inside
“The Beauty Inside” will be an interesting option for Christmas 

One day, Woo Jin falls for Yi Soo. He waits for the day he transforms into a handsome guy to approach her and succeeds in winning her over. However, to maintain this form, he has to stay awake for many days. Soon Woo Jin realizes this is not the right solution and decides to speak the truth. 

Inseparable Bros

If you are browsing for a family-friendly movie, “Inseparable Bros” starring Lee Kwang Soo and Shin Ha Kyun is the go-to choice. The movie tells the story of two non-blood-related siblings Se Ha and Dong Goo. Se Ha carries a physical disability while Dong Goo is not so smart. Nevertheless, they love the opposite and rely on each other for the past 20 years. 

Inseparable Bros
“Inseparable Bros” is an ideal movie for family relaxation. (Image: Next Entertainment World) 

Se Ha and Dong Goo live together at a residence for people with different disabilities. One day, the authority demands them to relocate and suddenly Dong Goo’s biological mother reappears and wants to bring him home to take care of him. Overcoming many obstacles, the two brothers find their ways back to the other and stay happily afterwards. 

Soundtrack #1 

Soundtrack #1” is a miniseries starring Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee that tells the story of how they fall in love. 

Soundtrack #1
Soundtrack #1 will warm up the lonely souls. (Image: Disney+) 

Park Hyung Sik transforms into a talented photographer Han Sun Woo and Han So Hee plays the lyricist Lee Eun Soo. One day, Lee Eun Soo asks Han Sun Woo to stay and help her write a one-sided love song because Sun Woo has many experiences in this department. Yet she does not know Han Sun Woo is in love with her. 

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