The truth about SEVENTEEN DK’s allegedly using his phone during an online fansign

SEVENTEEN DK recently came under controversy for allegedly using his phone to text while talking to a fan during an online fansign. The fan in question posted a few seconds of DK looking down while a phone screen with hands texting being reflected on his glasses.

However, fans have discovered what actually happened. Other videos screenshot from the same fansign revealed that the same reflection was visible when both DK’s hands can be seen. Fans believe that the hands were the staff monitoring the fansign. Moreover, DK was found to be looking down to sign the album.

After the truth was unveiled, netizens felt sorry for DK for being falsely criticized. Netizens left comments: 

  • I feel sorry for cursing at him
  • People are always quick to jump on the hate train 
  • Knowing DK, I was sure he would never do that 
  • No idol in their right mind would use their phone in a few minutes of a video call fansign 

Source: Koreaboo

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