5 K-dramas about parents’ conflicts and mothers’ war for children’s education

There are various K-dramas about parents who jump into battles against each other to help their children receive good education.

1. ENA’s “Battle for Happiness”

Planned by the new broadcasting station ENA, “Battle for Happiness” is a drama based on a novel of the same name by Joo Young Ha.

The suspense thriller drama begins when one of the mothers involved in an intense competition for happiness through SNS, dies due to some suspicious reasons, leading to a fight between those who try to conceal the secret and those who want to disclose it. The main characters are wealthy parents who live in a luxury apartment in Gangnam. The parents, who often boast about their lives on social media and sometimes tell lies as well as commit illegal acts, doubt each other after a series of incidents.


ENA’s 16-episode drama “Battle for Happiness” has been airing since May 31st and will end at the end of July. Actresses Lee El, Jin Seo Yeon, Cha Ye Ryun, Park Hyo Joo, and Woo Jung Won are showcasing their acting enthusiastically.

2. tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance”

tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance” is a 16-episode drama that aired from January to March. 

It depicts the sweet and bitter romance between a side dish store’s owner, who used to be a former national handball player, and Korea’s No.1 math instructor against the background of the private education battle. 

crash course in romance

“Crash Course in Romance” marked Jeon Do Yeon’s comeback on the small screen after a long time and impressed viewers by presenting the bright and lovely charms of the actress, who had played so many heavy and gloomy roles before.

Since the story centers around the theme of private education, there are many scenes where mothers fight with each other over their children’s education issues.

3. JTBC’s “Green Mothers’ Club”

JTBC’s series “Green Mothers’ Club” aired from April to May last year. Trustworthy actresses, including Lee Yo Won, Choo Ja Hyun, Kim Gyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, and Joo Min Kyung, worked together to tell the story realistically.

Green Mothers' Club

“Green Mother’s Club” is a work that deals with the true nature of the elementary school community and the dangerous relationships of parents in the same neighborhood. It directly portrays the stories of middle-aged women who live both as mothers and as themselves individually.

Like the promotional introduction of the drama, “Adults don’t make friends without a purpose”, “Green Mother’s Club” received favorable reviews from viewers for successfully capturing the pretentious and contradictory mothers.

4. JTBC’s “SKY Castle”

Released in November 2018, JTBC’s drama “SKY Castle’ was so well-loved that it set the record of reaching 23% in viewership. 

“SKY Castle” is a black comedy that examines the desperate desires of wives from prestigious families to make their husbands become “kings” and raise their children into “princes” and princesses” in the SKY Castle, where only those who belong to the top 0.1% richest people in Korea live.

SKY Castle

It starred numerous middle-aged actors with solid acting skills, such as Yeom Jung Ah, Jung Joon Ho, Lee Tae Ran, Choi Won Young, Yoon Se Ah, Kim Byung Chul and Oh Na Ra. In particular, actress Kim Seo Hyung perfectly portrayed the role of Kim Joo Young, a cold-hearted top tutor for the college entrance exam, and reached her second heyday.

5. SBS’s “Catch a Kang Nam Mother”

SBS’s series “Catch a Kang Nam Mother” aired from June to August in 2007. At that time, the title received divided reactions from viewers.

Catch a Kang Nam Mother

“Catch a Kang Nam Mother” captures the harsh reality of Korean parents moving to Gangnam for the education of their children amidst increasing private education expenses. 

The drama received compliments for its fresh and new topic by directly addressing the education issues in South Korea, which were previously difficult to find in dramas. It also achieved great success in terms of ratings, by consistently recording 15% in each episode.

Source: Wikitree

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