45-Year-Old Lee Hyori Shares Bare-Faced Selfies with Wrinkles and Freckles on Display

Lee Hyori confidently uploads candid makeup-free selfies revealing wrinkles and freckles, exuding a fresh smile.

On February 20th, Lee Hyori gave fans an update by posting photos without any makeup on her bare face.

Even though the photos were greatly enlarged, she confidently shared her natural appearance as it is. Her subtle smile and picturesque side-profile stood out.

lee hyori

Previously, when a fan asked about her appearance, Lee Hyori said, “Compared to my age, when I smile, I have a lot of wrinkles around my eyes, and the sides of my mouth and cheeks sag a lot. I accept it, but some people might feel uncomfortable. It would be nice if I didn’t have wrinkles, but how can I have everything?

Lee Hyori released the digital single ‘Hoodie e Banbaji’ in October last year and is currently active as the host of KBS2’s ‘The Seasons – Lee Hyori’s Red Carpet’.

In May, she will appear on JTBC’s new reality variety show ‘Mom, Do You Want to Travel Alone with Me?’ (tentative title) with her mother.

Source: nate

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