4 Members of The East Light terminated their contract with Media Line

As the band’s leader, Lee Seok-chul, filed a complaint against Chairman Kim Chang-hwan, the management agency of The East Light revealed its position on the rest of the members.

On October 22nd, Media Line Entertainment said in a press conference that the remaning four members of The East Light (Lee Eun-sung, Jeong Sa-gang, Lee Woo-jin, and Kim Joon-wook) have decided to terminate their exclusive contract with the company.

The East Light Lee Seok chul

Meanwhile, The East Light (Lee Eun-sung, Lee Woo-jin, Jeong Sa-gang, Lee Seok-cheol, Lee Seung-hyun, and Kim Joon-wook) made their debut with the digital single album ‘Holla’ in 2016.

The East Light Lee Seok chul 2

Read Media Line Entertainment’s announcement below:

This is Media Line Entertainment, The East Light’s agency.

We would like to inform you that we have decided to terminate our exclusive contract with the four remaining The East Light members (Lee Eun Sung, Jeong Sa-gang, Lee Woo-jin and Kim Jun-wook) after careful consideration.
Since the latest controversy happening on October 18, the remaining four members, who are frustrated about the controversy and the parents have been thinking about their best choice together every night for the past three nights. Finally, the members have decided to hold their own press conference.
However, we couldn’t help but worry about the additional damage that the young members will eventually have to face as a result of the press conference. Therefore, we concluded that it would be better to terminate the exclusive contract with the four members after considering their injuries and future top priority. In response, we are discussing with the four members’ parents about the procedure for future contract settlement.

Although we are concerned about the future of the members due to the cancellation of the exclusive contract, please support these young boys so that they are no longer hurt and can continue their dream again.

We also want to remind you that we do not want to take unnecessary media responses in the future, considering the possible injuries of all six members, including the Lee siblings (Lee Seok-cheol and Lee Seung-hyun), amid escalating disputes and repeated issues.

In addition, we won’t shirk responsibility in the process, but will faithfully carry out future legal actions towards people who try to do wrong things. I sincerely hope that any speculative reports that have yet to come up with any further damage to the members will be restrained after this time.

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