2022 Blue Dragon Film Awards reveals the long-awaited nominations for “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” award

The final candidates for the 2022 Blue Dragon Film Awards have been announced.

On Nov 8th, the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards unveiled the list of final candidates for the major awards.

The awards that attracted the most attention were “Best Actor” and “Best Actress”.


The nominees for the “Best Actor” award are Park Hae Il (Decision to Leave), Seol Kyung Gu (Kingmaker), Song Kang Ho (Broker), Lee Byung Hun (Emergency Declaration), and Jung Woo Sung (Hunt).

park so dam

The nominees for the “Best Actress” award are Park So Dam (Special Cargo), Yeom Jung Ah (Life Is Beautiful), Lim Yoon Ah (Confidential Assignment 2: International), Chun Woo Hee (Anchor), and Tang Wei (Decision to Leave).

<Best Actor Nominees>

  • Decision to Leave – Park Hae Il
  • Kingmaker – Seol Kyung Gu
  • Broker – Song Kang Ho
  • Emergency Declaration – Lee Byung Hun
  • Hunt – Jung Woo Sung
Park Hae Il

<Best Actress Nominees>

  • Special Cargo – Park So Dam
  • Life Is Beautiful – Yeom Jung Ah
  • Confidential Assignment 2 – Lim Yoon Ah
  • Anchor – Chun Woo Hee
  • Decision to Leave – Tang Wei
tang wei

Nominees for “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Supporting Actress” were also announced.

The nominees for the “Best Supporting Actor” are Ko Kyung Pyo (Decision to Leave), Daniel Henney (Confidential Assignment 2: International), Park Ji Hwan (The Roundup), Byun Yo Han (Hansan: Rising Dragon), and Im Si Wan (Emergency Declaration). 

go kyung pyo

Kim So Jin (Emergency Declaration), Seo Eun Soo (Witch 2), Oh Na Ra (Perhaps Love), Lee Jung Hyun (Decision to Leave), and Jeon Hye Jin (Hunt) were chosen as nominees for the “Best Supporting Actress” award. 

The nominees for “Rookie Actor” were Kim Dong Hwi (In Our Prime), Mu Jin Sung (Perhaps Love), Seo In Guk (Project Wolf Hunting), Ong Seong Woo (Life Is Beautiful), and Lee Seo Joon (Hansan: Rising Dragon).

Kim So-jin

The candidates for the “Rookie Actress” were Ko Yoon Jung (Hunt), Kim Shin Young (Decision to Leave), Kim Hye Yoon (The Girl On A Bulldozer), Shin Si Ah (Witch 2), and Lee Ji Eun (Broker).

The nominees for the “Best Picture” were “Broker,” “Kingmaker,” “Hanshan: Rising Dragon,” “Hunt” and “Decision to Leave.” The candidates for the “Best Director” were Hirokazu Koreeda (Broker), Kim Han Min (Hansan: Rising Dragon), Park Chan Wook (Decision to Leave), Byun Sung Hyun (Kingmaker), and Han Jae Rim (Emergency Declaration).

43rd blue dragon film awards

The 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards will be held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul, on Nov 25th. KBS will broadcast the event live.

Source: wikitree

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