19-year-old idol who is about to debut, photos of him lying in bed with a fan (?) were leaked

Private photos of Japanese group Bishonen’s member Kanasashi Issei, who is about to debut, were leaked.

A number of photos of Kanasashi Issei lying in bed spread online.

Kanasashi Issei

A, who is believed to be the person who took the photos, wrote, “Your sleeping face is so pretty. The first row of the stage was our closest distance until now. I’m so happy to be right next to you that I feel like dying.

A added, “I realized that the fan service I had received so far wasn’t my illusion. Everything was right. I was criticized by other fans, but I’m glad I’m still a fan of Issei.

Netizens are surprised, speculating that Issei may have had a one-night stand with a female fan or had a fan of his own as a sexual partner.

Kanasashi Issei (born in 2004) is a member of Bishonen who is about to make his debut. Bishonen belongs to Johnny & Associates, a major entertainment agency in Japan.

Source: Nate

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