17-year-old female idol passed away after only 4 months of activity

A female idol passed away due to anaphylactic shock at the age of 17, causing great shock and deep regrets.

It is recently reported that Himeri Nano, who joined the underground idol group “PrinceChu!” in March, lost her life on July 18th. The 17-year-old female idol passed away due to a severe case of anaphylactic shock.

In particular, the official Twitter account of PrinceCHU! announced Himeri Nano’s passing on July 28th, saying, “We are very sorry to convey this news to those who have supported us. It is still difficult to accept the reality, and our hearts are in disbelief due to the suddenness of this event.”

Himeri Nano

They also continued, “Today’s announcement was made in accordance with the wishes of the bereaved family. The bereaved family, staff, and members are all immersed in sorrow.”

Anaphylactic shock is a severe allergic reaction that occurs when an individual comes into contact with a specific antigen. If the body’s organs do not receive proper blood supply, it leads to a state of shock. There are various patterns of anaphylactic shock, and if it occurs in the throat, it can cause airway swelling and make breathing difficult, which is considered the most dangerous.

Later on on July 29th, fellow group member, Nishikino Ami, also reminisced about her memories with Himeri Nano through her SNS account. 

Himeri Nano

“The time I spent with Himeri Nano, being able to work together, is a treasure to me. May the deceased rest in peace,” she wrote, adding, “There were things I wanted to eat and talk about, and there are still many things I wanted to do.”

Upon hearing the news of the 17-year-old idol’s untimely passing, condolences poured in, and netizens left mourning comments like “I can’t find the words to say,” “Too young,” “Not long ago, we were talking like friends, so it’s still hard to believe,” “I have experienced anaphylactic shock several times, so it doesn’t feel like someone else’s story,” and so on.

Source: Yahoo Japan, Daum

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