16-Year-Old IVE Leeseo’s Performance of Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me” Raises Concerns About Age Appropriateness 

Maknae Leeseo’s stage at IVE’s recent Seoul concert has ignited a debate regarding the suitability for an underaged idol 

In particular, together with Yujin, Leeseo performed Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me,” a song known for its focus on women’s empowerment. However, this performance raised concerns over age appropriateness. A viral tweet on Twitter/X questioned whether the song was suitable for Leeseo, who has only turned 16 years old this year.

Despite the controversy, a majority of comments expressed disagreement with this critical perspective. IVE fans expressed that “Woman Like Me” is simply a song aimed to empower women and how Leeseo performed it was totally fitting for her age. 

Some fans also called out the perceived double standard in criticizing Leeseo, as the idol previously faced negative comments for appearing “childish” when receiving an award, and now she’s being deemed too young to perform a song. 

This situation highlights the standards imposed on underaged idols in general and Leeseo in particular, as they are subject to criticism whether they project an pure, youthful image or attempt a more mature one.


The debate gained momentum when it was discussed on Reddit. An IVE fan expressed discomfort while watching Leeseo and Yujin’s performance, primarily due to Leeseo’s age. Although Leeseo’s outfit and the choreography weren’t suggestive, the song is still mature for a minor.

This Reddit post sparked divided opinions from netizens. Some agreed with the IVE fan’s opinion mentioned above, while others believed that IVE likely chose the songs to perform themselves, and Leeseo, even though she is young, should be allowed to try different concepts.

Source: koreaboo

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