11-year-old-group EXO Reminds Fans Of “Growl” Era With New Uniform Photos+Kai’s Symbol Included

The 2024 season greeting photo of boy idol group EXO has been released

On November 29th, on EXO’s official account, the group’s 2024 season greeting photos were released, catching fans’ eyes with its school uniform concept. In particular, this year marked the 10th anniversary of the release of “Growl,” one of EXO’s representative hits and the beginning of K-pop’s global trends. Even without a fancy makeup, these handsome idols boast their own distinct features.


Among these photos, a teddy bear’s solo photo gathers fans’ attention. “EXO and a bear,” this phrase instantly reminds fans of Kai or Kim Jong-in, who is now serving in the military. EXO, 10 years ago or now, always look handsome in fans’ eyes, while Kai’s symbol, a bear, makes fans nostalgic.

Fans were amazed by the photos, leaving comments such as, “Jongin turned into a teddy bear,” “Please wear a school uniform with a teddy bear,” “My heart rate goes up as much as the number of freckles on Oh Sehun’s face,” “Minseok, how can you be so cute?” “I’m so excited to see Do Kyung-soo wearing a hoodie.”

Meanwhile, EXO released its seventh full album “EXIST” in July, showing off its undying popularity with “Cream Soda.”

Source: daum

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