Jung Kyung Ho with 20 years of acting experience, “I’ll stop playing weak characters…I’m not particularly affectionate or sensitive in real life”

Jung Kyung Ho honestly revealed his feelings about his image as an “actor specializing in playing the weak and sickly”.

On March 2nd, Jung Kyung Ho had an interview with Wikitree at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and shared various stories related to tvN’s series “Crash Course in Romance”.

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In 2004, Jung Kyung Ho made his debut in the mobile drama “5 Stars” after passing KBS’s 20th talent audition in 2003. Later in the same year, he rose to stardom after playing the role of Choi Yoon in KBS2’s “I’m Sorry, I Love You”. The actor then captivated female fans with his impressive performance in SBS’s “Smile, You”.

In 2017, Jung Kyung Ho portrayed Lee Joon Ho, a reliable friend and assistant to the protagonist Kim Je Hyuk in tvN’s “Prison Playbook.” 

He continued to take on the lead role of Han Tae Joo in OCN’s 2018 drama “Life on Mars,” which was considered an outstanding work of his career, drawing compliments from the audience with his stable and profound acting. Jung Kyung Ho then collaborated with Park Sung Woong in several other works, such as the drama “When the Devil Calls Your Name” (2019) and the movie “The Great Dancer” (2022). He appeared in the famous series “Hospital Playlist 1&2” (2020-2021) as doctor Kim Jun Wan. Continuing his popularity, the actor decided to take the role of math instructor Choi Chi Yeol in “Crash Course in Romance” and left a deep impression on viewers.

jung kyung ho

Jung Kyung Ho, who is in the 20th year of his acting career, shared, “I did wonder when I could act with senior actress Jeon Do Yeon. ‘Crash Course in Romance’ director Yoo Je Won, writer Yang Hee Seung, PD Shin Won Ho, writer Lee Woo Jung, Jung Suk hyung, Dae Myung hyung, Yeon Seok, senior actor Jo Woo Jin, Ji Hwan hyung, and Gyu Hyung hyung, whom I work with in my upcoming work ‘Boss’, etc….meeting them were all the good opportunities”. He added, “Having more opportunities to meet and work with great people, perhaps it’s the driving force that has kept me working hard steadily for the past 20 years. I’m grateful for all those relationships”.

Revealing his criteria when selecting an acting project, Jung Kyung Ho said, “Knowing who I will work with is very important”, adding “Until recently, I was still not in a position to choose a script for myself. I felt like I had been working with the same people for the past few years. In the end, what remains after completing a project is the people who have worked on it.”

jung kyung ho

From his previous works, Jung Kyung Ho has consistently portrayed various melancholic characters and even earned the title “actor specializing in playing the weak and sickly.” Since he has already been famous for such an image, the way he immersed himself and breathed life into Choi Chi Yeol, a math instructor who looks more endearing the more you see him.

Jung Kyung Ho, who said he had a great desire for a new character, confessed, “Rather than having a specific genre or role that I want to pursue, such as SF or diverse characters, I have become familiar with the process of expressing my characters through my works because I have been doing a lot of those types of works for a long time, rather than wanting to move away from the title ‘actor specializing in playing the weak and sickly’”, adding “I have been using my acting to show my image transformations to the audience for a long time. To make the transformation look more smoothly, I think the next work should also have some changes and differences.”

When asked about his style in real life, he replied, “I’m not particularly affectionate or sensitive, and I tend to keep my feelings to myself.”

Lastly, the actor said, “When I’m not acting and being alone, I tend to show the MBTI traits of an I. I need to be alone to recharge my energy. I drink alone, read the scripts alone and make a list of movies I want to watch alone. That’s how I get energized. It’s also the only way I rest”

Source: Wikitree

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