Yuqi and Kyulkyung are in a battle for the title “Chinese Goddess of beauty”

Cute or innocent, which one will you choose?

Nowadays, the number of foreign members joining idol groups is increasing rapidly. Especially it is hard not to mention members who came from China and there is no exception for girl groups. If (G)I-DLE is famous for having Yuqi then Kyulkyung is an outstanding Chinese factor in Pristin.

Yuqi came from Beijing, China. She passed the audition of a Korean agency in China and decided to go to Korea despite her parents’ opposition. Meanwhile, Pristin’s Kyulkyung is from Zhejiang (province) in China. She then made her debut after a long time of being a trainee at a Korean agency. Dispatch has collected some photos showing the beauty of both.

The first one to be mentioned is Yuqi from (G)IDLE.

I came from Beijing, China
Her innocent beauty
Her lively images
Like vitamin

The second one is Kyulkyung, a member of Pristin.

Her face with elaborate lines
Her visual beauty
When on stage and at the concert

Source: Dispatch

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