“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Ha Yoon-kyung’s sad confession… “I have to audition a hundred times to get a work”

Actress Ha Yoon-kyung, who gained huge popularity with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, talked about the difficulties of her acting life.

On August 25th, Joy News 24 reported the interview conducted with Ha Yoon-kyung to commemorate the end of ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo“. On this day, Ha Yoon-kyung confessed that “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” was the first work she appeared in without auditioning.

ha yoon kyung

Ha Yoon-kyung said, “It was my long-cherished dream. I had a wish that I could appear in a work just once without auditioning.”

In the meantime, Ha Yoon-kyung confessed that it was surprisingly difficult to appear in a work without auditioning. Ha Yoon-kyung said, “There are people who can do it right away when they are rookies, but that’s only a minority. Most actors experience various auditions.” She added, “I live a life where I have to audition a hundred times to decide whether or not to join a project.”

ha yoon kyung

Ha Yoon-kyung explained that it was a big dream for her to appear in a work without auditioning. She confessed, “I thought it would be great to join the cast of a work without auditioning. I was so grateful that I could achieve my dream through this drama.”

Finally, Ha Yoon-kyung said, “Choi Soo-yeon was a character with many things to try as an actress. It’s difficult to meet characters who aren’t simply used functionally, but have their own stories, values as well as feel three-dimensional and complex emotions. They were a work and a character that I was very grateful to.”

ha yoon kyung

Meanwhile, Ha Yoon-kyung, who was born in 1992 and is 31 years old this year, debuted in 2015 with the National Theater Company of Korea’s youth play “Ballads for Roxane”.

Ha Yoon-kyung appeared in the movie “Socialphobia”, tvN’s series “Hospital Playlist”, JTBC’s “She Would Never Know” and tvN’s “O’PENing – What are you do in the office, Share?”.

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