YouTube Channel Spreading Malicious Rumors About NewJeans Finally Deleted, “Lawsuit In Progress”

The YouTube account that got sued for making malicious videos about the girl group NewJeans has been deleted

On April 11th, The New York Times reported that NewJeans’s agency ADOR had asked a federal court in California to disclose the identity of the person behind a YouTube account that spread defamatory rumors about the members.

Fans have been reporting this YouTube account as it kept uploading videos bashing NewJeans members with swear words. 

As such, NewJeans’s agency submitted a document to the US court, claiming that this YouTuber had defamed the members by spreading false rumors in a lot of videos. They asked the court to disclose the identity of the YouTuber in order to file a complaint against them.

Despite facing a lawsuit, the controversial YouTuber confidently shared, “NewJeans’s agency sued me. Just woke up and I’m wondering what’s going on. Luckily, I didn’t apply for generating profits”. The YouTuber explained that they had no interest in idols and just made the videos for fun. As they did not seem to be aware of their wrongdoing, netizens poured even more criticism.

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In fact, this channel has mocked various girl groups including NewJeans, aespa, LE SSERAFIM, etc., and targeted them with malicious comments. 

In the end, the account completely disappeared from YouTube on April 12th. If you visit the channel, there will be the notice “This channel has been deleted due to violation of the YouTube community guide”. If you search the name of the channel, there are only videos of fans requesting punishment for the YouTuber.


ADOR also confirmed through XportsNews that the lawsuit against this YouTuber is progressing, saying “It is difficult for us to disclose further information on the issue”.

Meanwhile, NewJeans will release double singles in Korea and Japan on May 24th and June 21st, respectively then hold the fanmeeting “Bunnies Camp” at Tokyo Dome on the 26th and 27th of June.

Hyein recently announced her temporary suspension of activities due to a microfracture in her foot during practice. Upon hearing the news, fans have been leaving supportive messages to cheer on Hyein’s speedy recovery.

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