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“Youth Star” received a shocking rating of 0.4% shocking ratings, a mild audition show that was ignored

Audition programs has always been hot. However, the public’s eyes on the audition programs these days are cold.

According to Nielsen Korea, the eighth episode of Channel A’s “Youth Star,” which aired on July 7th, recorded only 0.431% based on paid households nationwide. This is a 0.333% decrease from 0.764% recorded last week and its own lowest viewer rating in the last 7 episodes. This is the first time that this program’s ratings have fallen below the 0.5% range. As a result, Channel A, who ambitiously introduced a mega audition program, is receiving a painful result.

At the time of the first episode, the atmosphere was not too bad with a rating of with 1.188%. However, “Youth Star” is not getting any momentum, let alone a last-minute spurt, even though it is already approaching the end of the semifinals. It has the lowest ratings since its first broadcast and is being ignored by viewers.

While “Youth Star” is withering away, other music entertainment programs such as TV Chosun’s “The State Singers” and SBS’ “DNA Singer-Fantastic Family” rise. “The State Calls” recorded 6.392% on July 7th, while “DNA Singer-Fantastic Family” recorded 3.0% nationwide. MBC’s “Accapella” recorded 1.8% nationwide.

Park Yuri

Why did “Youth Star” fall right from the beginning without maintaining a 1% viewer rating? “Youth Star” advocates a mega-sized audition in which a youth star of this era is born amid the competition of this three-part K-pop universe. Although it was expected to be an audition program created by the production team of Channel A’s “Heart Signal,” which was a sensation at the time of its broadcast, it has failed to produce significant results in terms of ratings and topics so far. The highlight of an audition program is how it is the talk of the town. How many viewers are interested in it can be seen from SNS reactions and video views, but despite the fact that talented people are not hard to find on “Youth Star,” they have not been able to make headlines.

Earlier, “Youth Star” tries to set itself out from existing audition programs. The show portrays 108 young people in an audition for growth, not for completion, and replaced the common judges who decide their screening, evaluation, and success with angel musicians. In other words, “Youth Star” emphasized that it is not an audition led by judges, but an audition chosen by viewers and audiences together. The angel musicians are Lee Seung-hwan, Yoon Jong-shin, Kim In-a, Lee Won-seok, Yoon Ha, Soyou, Kang Seung-yoon, and Noze. In general, it seems like a fresh combination, but the combination of Yoon Jong-shin and Kim Na-ra is actually very familiar, and the ambiguous position of the Angel Musician, who are neither judges nor viewers, confused viewers. On top of that, Jeon Hyun-moo, who has led big music audition programs such as “K-pop Star,” “Hidden Singer” and “Phantom Singer,” also appears as the MC, but his strong image didn’t fit the show somehow.

In addition, “Youth Star” received attention as “Softcore Audition Show” and “Nice Audition,” which have not been seen in existing audition programs, but such a good-willed audition is not very attractive to viewers who had high expectations due to the flood of audition programs. No matter how mild the audition was, “Youth Star” was also not free from various controversies such as the proportion of the production team’s intervention, fairness, and selection.

However, it is encouraging that “Youth Star,” which is broadcasting simultaneously through Abema, Japan, is receiving keen attention in Japan. According to the production team, they are receiving a lot of offers from Japan’s largest major record company along with the keen interest of major Japanese media such as Kstyle, Oricon, and Model Press.

Will there be a possible twist because it is a growth audition? Attention is drawn to the second half of “Youth Star,” which is busy on its way.

Source: Nate

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