Your Highness, is that you? Netizens found out about Lee Jun-ho’s sexy math class for Lee Se-young in the past

Lee Jun-ho is the man who captivated two different Lee Se-youngs.  

A past video of 2PM member/actor Lee Jun-ho appearing on SNL Korea and doing a skit with Lee Se-young (comedian) is a hot topic belatedly. Cut videos of Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young in SNL have recently been uploaded to YouTube, which led to an explosion in views on the official skit video uploaded a few years ago. 

In September 2016, Lee Jun-ho appeared on SNL Korea 8 with 2PM members and completed a sexy yet unique skit. 

In particular, Lee Jun-ho became a “sexy man” mode in the “3 Minute Lovers” skit section. He rushed toward Lee Se-young, who was lying down, kicking open the bedroom door as if to seduce women’s hearts. “I wanted to untie/solve this as soon as possible,” he hurriedly approached her as if he would kiss her right after. Suddenly, he took out the Essence of Mathematics book in one hand, pouring cold water on the heated sexy atmosphere.

The sexy part of him was actually his brain. As it turned out, Lee Jun-ho, stunned Lee Se-young by revealing that he actually wanted to “solve the math problems”. He kindly explained the sin and cos (cosine) formulas, and while teaching the trigonometric formula to her, he made it easier to memorize with sexy songs and dances. 

Netizens who stumbled upon this skit of Lee Jun-ho said, “The female protagonist has the same name as Lee Se-young. Is this a coincidence?” “If Jun-ho is my math tutor, I can score 100 points on every test,” “Heart attack as soon as the video starts,” “He was already pushing for a sexy concept since then, but we only find out now,” and “I came all the way here because I became his fan from ‘The Red Sleeve’.” 

Meanwhile, Lee Jun-ho played the lead role with actor Lee Se-young in “The Red Sleeve,” recording their highest ratings of 17.4% (based on Nielsen Korea’s national standard), making South Korea fall into the “The Red Sleeve Syndrome.Lee Jun-ho also received the “Best Couple Awards” with Lee Se-young at the 2021 “MBC Drama Awards”.

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