Youngji’s Struggles When Joining KARA: “Half the Comments Said ‘She’s Not Worthy'”

Youngji expresses her feelings when joining KARA midway

On the 22nd, a video titled “Youngji, Who Made Her Solo Debut After 9 Years as a DSP Trainee, Behind KARA’s Reunion! WHEN I MOVE, L.O.V.E [Im Han-byul’s Life Song]” was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Hey Day.’

On that day, Im Han-byul mentioned her experience of joining Monday Kiz, saying, “When I was active as Monday Kiz, I joined the group when the original member was still there.”

huh young ji

She confessed that during that time, she felt a sense of disconnection because there were many hit songs from the past, and she had to sing them even though they were originally released with a different voice.

Youngji, who had a similar experience, revealed her inner thoughts when she joined KARA. She said, “I was so proud to become a member of KARA, and I sang KARA songs everywhere I went.”

She also mentioned that about half of the comments she received were negative, with comments like, “‘Why is she doing this when she didn’t even participate in their activities?'”

Youngji then shared her thoughts from that time, saying, “‘Why are they criticizing me so harshly?’ and ‘Is this really that wrong?'” She questioned whether it was actually a mistake.

huh young ji

She mentioned that she felt really discouraged when she saw those reactions. However, she never showed any signs of discouragement in public; instead, she pushed herself even harder.

She said, “If someone asked me to sing one song, I would say, ‘I’ll sing all three.’ Even though I was really sad and discouraged at home, I acted even more enthusiastic on broadcasts and when I went out.”

Hearing this, Im Han-byul commented, “So, Youngji seems to be doing well. It’s been 9 years since she was active as KARA, but now when you think of ‘KARA,’ Youngji comes to mind first.”

Im Han-byul then revealed that she purposely didn’t delete any of the negative comments because she plans to gather them and convert them into cash later. She warned haters to continue commenting and added, “I have a few portfolios.”

Im Han-byul also shared her own experience, saying, “In my case, as a singer who sings well, I felt unlucky because of the negative comments. They called me a ‘skinny mosquito’ because my voice is thin.” Youngji responded, “You must have been shocked to see that comment immediately.”

The two artists had a light-hearted conversation about their past experiences and dealing with online hate.

Source: daum

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