“Young Lady and Gentleman” actress Yoon Jinyi gets married on the same day as Kim Yuna today (Oct 22)

Yoon Jinyi’s husband-to-be is a man in finance 4 years older than her. 

Actress Yoon Jinyi is set to hold a wedding ceremony in Seoul today (October 22nd) with a man in finance 4 years older than her. The wedding will be attended by the bride and groom’s family and acquaintances. It’s the same wedding day as figure skating queen Kim Yuna and Forestella’s Ko Woorim.

Yoon Jinyi and her soon-to-be husband have reportedly been in a serious relationship before deciding to tie the knot. They want to spend the rest of their lives together based on their trust and deep affection for each other after dating for over a year.

Yoon Jin-yi

Yoon Jinyi also shared her daily life before marriage. She recently revealed a bridal shower she had with her friends.

Yoon Jinyi, born in 1990, made her acting debut in the 2012 SBS drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. With her fresh and lovely charm, she immediately emerged as a rising star.

Afterwards, she broadened her acting spectrum by appearing in dramas such as “The Fugitive of Joseon”, “Discovery of Love”, “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, and “My Only One”. 

Yoon Jin-yi

In the tvN entertainment program “On and Off”, she also approached the public in a friendly way by revealing her relatable daily life and charm of a “homebody.”

Yoon Jinyi recently met viewers in the famous weekend drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”, which ended in March, and is currently reviewing her next project.

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