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“You Quiz” Lee Hye-ri “I don’t have money, but I’m called a 10-billion girl”

Actress Lee Hye-ri revealed the secret story behind her nickname “10-billion girl”. Lee Hye-ri said, “It’s ‘worth 10 billion’, not ‘having 10 billion’. I didn’t have any money back then.”

On tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block“, which aired on Oct 19th, Lee Hye-ri appeared as a guest and showed off her volubility.

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In the past, Hyeri hit a turning point in her entertainment career by appearing on “Real Men” during Girl’s Day’s activities. Her lovely appearance at that time led to the casting of “Reply 1988” and it hit the jackpot.

When asked “Did you foresee the success of the drama from the beginning?” Hyeri replied honestly, “Yes. I had no doubt that many people would like it. However, I doubted whether I could do well.”

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She talked about her hidden efforts, “I practiced really hard. I met the director twice a week for 2~3 months to read the script. I memorized all the lines up to the fourth episode. I read so much that it naturally came into my head. I worked really hard.”

After “Reply 1988” ended, Hyeri was called “10-billion girl” and was recognized for her value. Hyeri made everyone laugh as she said, “Why am I a 10-billion girl when I don’t have money right now? This nickname means ‘worth 10 billion in the future’.”

She showed off the aspect of “a natural celebrity” by adding, “Being a celebrity is my vocation. I’m not a person who has many things I want to do than I thought. I love this job, which gives me missions.”

Hyeri’s video letter to Hyeri was revealed. Hyeri, who stared at the camera with a serious face, said, “Hyeri, you’ll be prettier and better in your 30s, so don’t worry. You had a hard time doing all the cute and lovely things in your 20s. You might think ‘I’ve done nothing’, but no. You did a good job.”

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She expressed her feelings, “When I think about my 20s, the keywords are pride and regret. It’s upsetting that such thoughts come to mind at the same time. So I want to tell myself to be more proud. I think I can grow only when I move forward while always observing my weaknesses.”

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