Not Only BLACKPINK Lisa But Even Her Family is Being Attacked by Malicious Comments

Online harassment has been directed towards BLACKPINK’s Lisa and her family recently

BLACKPINK Lisa has long been a victim of cyberbullying, which has distressed her fans. The situation of online malicious attack has now been taken to a more serious level as numerous hateful comments have surfaced against Lisa’s family, from both Lisa haters and malicious individual fans of other BLACKPINK members, known as akgaes.

lisa hater

In particular, some akgaes of Jennie are exposing Lisa family members’ social media accounts, even rationalizing this malicious attack on Lisa’s family members, citing it as retaliation for Lisa akgaes’ previous attack on Jennie and her family.

K-pop idols, like everyone else, have a private life that warrants respect, as do their family members who didn’t choose to be in the public eye.

Source: allkpop

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