Girls’ Generation’s Yoona boasts goddess-level visuals on the covers of Marie Claire 

Yoona doesn’t stay a top visual of K-pop for nothing. 

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has never dropped out of the top when it comes to visual rankings among K-pop female idols. She recently graced the covers of Marie Claire Korea and once again stunned everyone with her flawless beauty. 


Although she has turned 32, Yoona still boasts youthfulness as if she is still in her 20s. Even close-up shots can downplay Yoona’s sophisticated visuals. Every facial feature of hers is simply a work of art. From eyes, nose bridge, to lips, they are perfectly harmonious. Yoona is without doubt one of the “ageless wonders” in Korea’s entertainment industry. 

From flawless skin to perfect facial features, 32-year-old Yoona takes fans’ breath away with her beauty. Close-up shots enhance Yoona’s goddess-level beauty and elegant aura even more. 
Yoona Marie Claire
Yoona has remained a top visual of K-pop for years. Even with her long hair covering almost half of her face, her visuals are still outstanding. 
Yoona Marie Claire
Yoona in a close-up looks absolutely stunning 
Yoona Marie Claire
A black and white cover of Yoona looks like an artwork. She exudes grace and maturity. 
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