“Concept Queen” YooA radiated a colorful image in the concept photo for mini-album “SELFISH”

YooA raised anticipation for her comeback with a youthful but no less alluring appearance. 

On the 8th, WM Entertainment released the concept photo of YooA‘s second mini-album “SELFISH.”

YooA Oh My Girl

The released photo showed YooA with a distinct childlike charm in a rich twin-tail hairstyle against a colorful backdrop. The glitter under the eyes brought out the mystery allure and showed off its coy charm. A colorful face and a unique concept earned her the title “Concept Queen.”

Previously, YooA made herself known with her first solo album “Bon voyage” in 2020, raising expectations for “SELFISH.” The set date for the album release is on the 14th. 

Source: daum

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