Yoo Jae-suk vs Kim So-yeon vs Park Bo-young “Cameo appearances by popular stars in weekend dramas”

Yoo Jae-suk and Haha made cameo appearances in episode 12 of MBC’s “My Dearest”, portraying peasants in the Joseon era who assist with farming. Their humorous interactions and realistic portrayal of the peasants added a touch of fun to the series and left a positive impression on viewers.

yoo jae suk

These cameo appearances were part of MBC variety program “Hangout with Yoo” team’s cameo experience project, which included other cast members appearing as well.

Similarly, JTBC’s “Strong Girl Nam-soon” featured a special cameo appearance by Park Bo-young. Writer Baek Mi-kyung wrote both “Strong Girl Bong-soon” starring Park Bo-young and the new drama “Strong Girl Nam-soon”. This cameo appearance provided a delightful surprise for viewers.

Strong Girl Nam-soon Park Bo-young And Park Hyung-sik’s Cameo

Furthermore, SBS’s “The Escape of the Seven” is set to feature Kim So-yeon as a cameo. Her role and the context of her appearance are shrouded in secrecy, creating curiosity among viewers.

7 Escape Kim So-yeon cameo
7 Escape Kim So-yeon cameo

Kim So-yeon gained immense popularity for her role as Cheon Seo-jin in “The Penthouse: War in Life”, even winning the Grand Prize at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards for her performance. Her new appearance in “The Escape of the Seven” raises questions about the kind of character she will portray and how she will continue to captivate viewers.

Source: Star News Korea

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