Yoo Ah In reportedly went to Jeju for a commercial shoot on the day he did a drug test

Actor Yoo Ah In was found to have filmed an advertisement on the day he was tested for drugs.

According to a report by Star News on February 16th, it was confirmed that Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of habitually administrating Propofol, filmed an advertisement for company N, an outdoor clothing brand, near Saryeoni Forest Road in Jeju on February 6th.

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It was a day after Yoo Ah In arrived at Incheon International Airport after his trip to the U.S. with acquaintances. It was also the day he was booked by the police on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act and investigated for drug use. After being questioned by the police until the morning of February 6th, Yoo Ah In left for Jeju to shoot an advertisement.

In this regard, an official from Yoo Ah In’s agency said to Star News, “We cannot confirm anything at the moment”. The outdoor clothing brand stated, “We know that the advertisement was filmed before the issue related to Yoo Ah In was reported for the first time.”

yoo ah in

Earlier, the police issued a search warrant on Yoo Ah In as soon as he arrived at Incheon International Airport after finishing his trip to the U.S. on February 5th and banned the actor from leaving the country. After then, the police conducted several drug tests and examinations on Yoo Ah In and are waiting for the results. They also seized and searched hospitals and clinics after detecting evidence that Yoo Ah In has received Propofol at various hospitals since 2021.

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