TWICE’s Nayeon and Dahyun are rumored to have conflicts because of this image

TWICE’s oldest member Nayeon was once again thought to be not friendly to other members.

Unity is undoubtedly very important to idols who work together as a group. A group can only last long when the members love and care for each other. This is the reason why a group’s image might go downhill in the public’s eyes when its members show even small conflicts.

Recently, a post on the Korean online site “Pann” has gathered attention from netizens. The original poster stated his opinion by saying that TWICE is not as united as they seem. In particular, Nayeon is believed to have treated unfairly to her fellow member, Dahyun.

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TWICE’s oldest member is accused of rolling her eyes when she looked at Dahyun.

Many comments have been written to criticize Nayeon for not respecting other members. Some assume that because she grew up in a wealthy family, Nayeon is always unthoughtful and thinks she is the center of everything, which might be the reason why she was not chosen to be the leader despite being the oldest.

However, ONCEs were quick to the scene to defend their idols. Fans believe that Nayeon’s personality can’t be fully judged through just a few images. Nayeon has a habit of frowning that she is trying to fix. Many moments of her hanging out happily with other members have been posted to prove her innocence.

20180805 064711 grouchydelightfulcrocodile 268x335
TWICE’s fans express their trust in the members’ relationship.

This is not the first time Nayeon’s face expression towards other members became the talk of the town. When she first debuted, she was criticized for looking down on Tzuyu’s talent and frowning in front of her fans. However, it is obvious that TWICE has always shown great teamwork.

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