YG Confirms Ahyeon is Preparing to Debut: Will She Still Be a Part of BABYMONSTER? 

There are still question marks surrounding the final debut lineup of YG’s rookie girl group BABYMONSTER

Recently, YG Entertainment confirmed BABYMONSTER’s debut in November through the release of a COMING SOON poster. Accordingly, the members have started practicing the choreography for their title track and are gearing up for a MV shooting at the end of this month.


However, YG’s official statement did not specify how many members will debut. BABYMONSTER was initially set to debut as a 7-member group in the reality content “Last Evaluation” that was released on YouTube from March to August this year. 

However, recently, rumors of Ahyeon being removed from the debut lineup started circulating online, causing concerns among fans.

Particularly, at BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” Seoul finale concert in September, only six members of BABYMONSTER were seen in the audiences, excluding Ahyeon, further fueling the speculation of her departure.

While YG has briefly confirmed to the media that Ahyeon is also preparing for her debut, such a vague response has caused more confusion. It can be interpreted that Ahyeon is either debut with BABYMONSTER or joining another girl group or a new Japanese project, as mentioned by Yang Hyun-suk in “Last Evaluation.” 

The fact that BABYMONSTER’s debut as a 7-member group is not definitively confirmed by YG only adds to the uncertainty.

Ahyeon was one of the standout participants in “Last Evaluation” thanks to her outstanding vocals and performance skills. She has secured a substantial domestic and international fanbase even before her debut.


If Ahyeon were to leave BABYMONSTER, it would be a significant disappointment to fans who have been looking forward to the 7-member debut for nearly half a year. YG, despite having ample time to explain, might also face criticism.

BABYMONSTER’s debut has been delayed beyond the initially planned September release due to internal reasons. Fans have speculated that the final lineup might change due to this delay. 

However, YG explained that they aimed to select the best title track for BABYMONSTER and asked for understanding regarding the slight delay from the originally announced September debut.

BABYMONSTER is YG’s first girl group in approximately 7 years following BLACKPINK. Comprising members from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, BABYMONSTER’s skills in vocals, dance, rap, and visuals are all impressive. They are highly anticipated by global K-pop fans as the next “monster rookie.”

Source: Naver

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