YG announced that it would delete the scene of Jennie (BLACKPINK) wearing a nurse outfit, the Korean Health & Medical Workers’ Union immediately took a surprising action

After YG decided to delete the scene of Jennie (BLACKPINK) wearing a nurse outfit from the MV, the Health and Medical Workers’ Union of Korea (KHMU) made an official announcement.

Recently, with BLACKPINK making an official comeback with their new music video “Lovesick Girls,” they received criticism for the nurse uniform Jennie wore in the video. The KHMU’s opposition to Jennie’s outfit has attracted great public attention.


Ultimately on October 7, YG released an official statement revealing that they would be deleting all scenes showing the nurse uniform. “We will delete all scenes and replace the MV as soon as possible”. In response to this, the KHMU made its first movement.

Specifically, the latest announcement from the KHMU is as follows:

“We welcome your decision to change the scenes quickly like the global stars you are. Us, 440,000 nurses will cheer on BLACKPINK in hopes that they continue to grow as global singers representing Korea. We hope that BLACKPINK’s decision not only helps nurses, but serves as a warning bell for the sexual objectification of certain professions that exist in this society”.

Despite being supported by the Korean Health & Medical Workers’ Union, the decision to remove the scene of Jennie wearing a nurse’s outfit from the MV Lovesick Girls has had mixed opinions from fans. Many people believe that Jennie’s outfit is not sexy and revealing, so it is not necessary to delete it. But there are also many opinions that the company is doing the right thing, especially in a time when nurses and doctors are trying to fight COVID-19, their profession needs to be respected.

Sources: koreaboo

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