Woo Jinyoung’s agency, “If “YG’s treasure box” flops, will the trainees in the show get to debut?”

“We’d like to ask if you’re going to say that you don’t have to make their debut if the show “YG’s treasure box” doesn’t go well,” said Happyface.

Happyface Entertainment reportedly refuted the logic of YG Entertainment.

The court for the claim for damages filed by Happyface against YG was held at the Seoul Central District Court on November 29th. In this court, the representatives of both sides have had a fierce discussion.

It is known that releasing an album is not mandatory,” YG said in their first plead last month and explained that the debut of “MIXNINE”’s finalists was canceled because of the show’s poor broadcasting popularity.

We would like to ask if YG will say that YG is not obligated to make their debut if the program “YG’s treasure box” is not successful, either,” said the legal representative for Happyface.

I think there is a different idea in these words,” YG’s representative said, “I think in this situation we can only fully judge the situation based on the contract,” refuting that it was not relevant to the issue.

Meanwhile, Happyface and YG are set for the next court on January 16th.

Source: Dispatch

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