WINNER has opened a global membership after reuniting as a whole group

WINNER has opened a global membership ahead of their full group activities as a special gift for fans around the world.

YG Entertainment announced on the 17th that WINNER GLOBAL OFFICIAL FANCLUB INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP is now open. The convenience and accessibility of the fans will increase further as it breaks away from the row system, in which fan club membership is only possible during a certain period every year.

WINNER global membership

In order to become an “INNER CIRCLE,” you must go through WINNER’s official fan community, “WINNER Weverse.” Thereafter, you can sign up on the Weverse Shop membership product page. ‘INNER CIRCLE’ is given various benefits such as pre-booking for WINNER’s performances, preferential participation in online and offline events, the right to purchase membership kits to be released in the future, and the right to purchase membership-only products.

YG said, “As Lee Seung-hoon and Kim Jin-woo completed their respective national defense obligations, WINNER finally reunited as a complete group,” adding, “We will communicate with fans in various ways, so please look forward to it.”

WINNER global membership

WINNER, which debuted in 2014, is loved by domestic and foreign fans for its beautiful music and sophisticated sensibility. They topped major domestic and international music charts for all album titles released since their debut, including “Empty,” “BABY BABY,” “REALLY REALLY,” “LOVE ME LOVE ME,” “EVERYDAY,” “MILLIONS,” “AH YEAH,” “Hold,” and “REMEMBER.”

WINNER global membership

During the team break, Seungyoon Kang and Minho Song were active in various fields such as acting, entertainment, and art as well as solo album activities. Recently, they each held their first solo concert after their debut and proved their skills as an artist. While drawing favorable reviews from music fans, the anticipation for WINNER’s activities as a whole has been raised even more.

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