Netizens angrily asked CUBE to immediately kick Soojin out of (G)I-DLE after Seo Shin Ae’s letter was revealed

Many netizens left comments to support Seo Shin Ae and criticize Soojin on social networks. 

EOn March 20, Soojin made her second statement on personal Instagram.  In the letter, the female idol confirmed that she did not know or bully Seo Shin Ae at the same time, asked the actress to clarify the truth. Shortly after, a part of Soojin fans attacked Seo Shin Ae and asked the actress to give a clear explanation and verify the truth.

Netizens angrily asked CUBE to immediately kick Soojin out of (G)I-DLE after Seo Shin Ae's letter was revealed

In fact, before Soojin released her statement, many witnesses claimed that the (G)I-DLE member bullied Seo Shin Ae.  However, Seo Shin Ae never directly mentioned Soojin or explained clearly about this incident, but only posted hidden posts on her personal Instagram. For this reason, some Soojin fans thought that Seo Shin Ae was just trying to attract attention.

Seo Shin Ae responded after being attacked by Soojin’s fans
(G)I-DLE Soojin

On March 26, Seo Shin Ae officially posted a letter.  Thereby, the actress affirmed that it was Soojin who bullied her when she was in middle school.

In the letter, Seo Shin Ae wrote: “The individual who spoke of me always mocked and cursed at me for 2 years with her ‘group’ on the way to school, during breaks in the hallways, in the cafeteria, every day, everywhere, saying, ‘She’s not even pretty so how is she a celebrity?’, ‘Her fame is already a thing of the past’, ‘No wonder she’s an outcast’, ‘I don’t know why the teachers always treat her so specially’, repeatedly harassing me verbally”. The actress also affirmed that although Soojin forgot these things, for Shin Ae, it became a scar in the heart. 

Netizens angrily asked CUBE to immediately kick Soojin out of (G)I-DLE after Seo Shin Ae's letter was revealed

Seo Shin Ae’s post has quickly become a hot topic attracting the attention of many netizens on online forums, web portals, and social networks in Korea.  On the Theqoo forum, after just 1 hour, Seo Shin Ae’s letter received 2,500 comments.  Almost all netizens supported Seo Shin Ae and criticized Soojin.  Many also threatened to boycott (G)I-DLE if CUBE did not quickly kick Soojin out of the group.

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Some comments from Knets: 

1. Shin Ae-ah, you had a hard time, but thanks for your courage, I will support you

2. Seo Soojin, what happened to her conscience? She’s so disgusting and trash

3. (G)I-DLE should be disbanded and Seo Soojin retires from the entertainment industry

4. Soojin is so disgusting, I guess she wiped out what she did from her memory

5. Shin Ae-ah, I can do nothing but leave a comment supporting you…! I hope you know that there are a lot of people supporting you.

6. Soojin fans asked Shin Ae to reveal her statement, what will they say now?

7. I want to hug you. I hope you get better as an actress

8. Just disband the group

9. If Cube wants to salvage (G)I-DLE at all they need to cut ties with Soojin as soon as possible

10. Shin Ae, find strength

Up to this point, Soojin and Cube Entertainment have not responded to what Seo Shin Ae has just shared on Instagram. 

Source: Knetizen

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