Will the next generation KPOP global stars be born through upcoming Global Auditions?

“Anyone who is confident in singing, rapping, and dancing, regardless of nationality, gender can apply.”’

While K-pop singers, including BTS, are leading the global music market, HYBE is busy fostering the next generation of global stars.

In order to find members of various nationalities to build a global fandom, agencies are actively seeking talent by holding auditions abroad.


According to the music industry on March 26th, HYBE, the agency of BTS, Seventeen, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and ENHYPEN, will hold a joint audition with its seven labels in Las Vegas next month.

HYBE has music labels such as Big Hit Music, Belief Lab, Source Music, Pledis Entertainment, KOZ Entertainment, HYBE Labels Japan, and HYBE America.

It has been holding auditions for each label so far, but this is the first time that seven labels are organizing one together.

The audition will be held in Las Vegas four times from the 8th to the 9th (local time) of next month, and in the same period, BTS will hold “BTS Permission to Dance on Stage-Las Vegas.”

Hybe Multi-label Audition

Pledis plans to hold its own audition as well. It will hold an audition for Global Wonder Teen until the 17th of next month and receive applicants in the fields of Voice, Performance, and Confidence. There is no nationality restriction as it targets the world’s audience.

FNC Entertainment, which includes P1 Harmony and SF9, will also hold auditions in the U.S. next month.

FNC plans to hold 16 global auditions in a total of six regions, including San Francisco, Los Angeles (LA), Atlanta, New Jersey and New York, starting with Seattle, USA from the 18th to the 19th of next month.

Among them, auditions in LA, New Jersey, and New York will be held in a public manner without restrictions on the number of participants.

FNC said, “The final successful candidates will be given the opportunity to receive systematic management and professional training at FNC along with a trainee contract,” adding, “High interest from talented people who dream of becoming global stars is expected.”

Pick up stage-2022 FNC pick up stage USA tour
FNC’s US Global Audition 

Not only large agencies but also small and medium-sized agencies are eager to find talented people looking for K-pop’s “Upcoming Stars.”

Block Berry Creative plans to launch a global audition “Boy of the Month” project to find talented boy group members from 2023.

An official from an agency that has produced several idol groups said, “Looking for talent is very difficult,” adding, “It is not easy to trainees who will become idols active in the global market.”

Another agency official said, “Recently, we often spend billions of won for an idol group for a year, so we are putting our life and death on auditions to find proper members from the beginning.”

He added, “People who dream of becoming singers are also competing to join so-called large agencies such as HYBE, SM, and JYP, making it more difficult for mid-sized agencies,” adding, “That’s why they always hold open auditions or go to global auditions.”

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