The reason why Ha Ji-won decided to turn into a hotel manager (‘Curtain Call’)

Actress Ha Ji-won will make an acting transformation in “Curtain Call” as Park Se-yeon, a “paper tiger” hotel manager.

KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Curtain Call: A Tree Dies Standing” (directed by Yoon Sang-ho, scripted by Cho Seong-gul, hereinafter referred to as “Curtain Call”) is a drama about people involved in the biggest fraud stageplay by a man who received an unprecedented mission to fulfill the last wishes of a terminally ill grandmother, Geum-soon (played by Ko Doo-sim). The show promises viewers spectacular twists to exciting stories that all ages can relate to.

ha ji won

Ha Ji-won appears in the play as Park Se-yeon, the general manager of Hotel Paradise. After losing her parents in an unexpected accident, she has gathered experience from the bottom of life to become a talented leader who believes that the biggest task of her life is to continue the career of her grandmother, Geum-soon (played by Ko Doo-sim), who has been building the Hotel Paradise with blood and sweat, between her eldest brother Park Se-jun (Ji Seung-hyun), who was taking professional hotel management classes abroad, and her 2nd brother Park Se-gyu (Choi Se-hoon), who is not interested in succession at all. She then meets Yoo Jae-heon (Kang Ha-neul, a person who has not only excellent skills but also a warm personality, and enters an unplanned life path.

ha ji won

Ha Ji-won said she decided to appear due to the power and charm of this work, saying, “I chose this work because I was attracted by the fresh synopsis and script,” sharing the reason for her trying to transform into a hotel general manager through “Curtain Call.”

Ha Ji-won, who is fully immersed in Park Se-yeon, did not forget her extraordinary affection for the character. “While studying the role of Se-yeon, I thought it was important for me to express Se-yeon’s worldview well. She handles what she has to do thoroughly and meticulously, but she is a warm-hearted ‘paper tiger’ character,” Ha explained, adding, “There will be a lot of fancy fashion suitable for the role of a hotel manager,” signaling that not only her character transformation but also her appearance styling is another attraction of this drama.

ha ji won

Not only Ha Ji-won, but also a trustworthy line-up of Kang Ha-neul, Ko Doo-sim, Kwon Sang-woo, and Sung Dong-il hinted at a friendly atmosphere on-site with their experienced chemistry. Ha Ji-won said, “I’m having so much fun filming with such great actors, so please look forward to it.”

“Curtain Call” is a collab work between director Yoon Sang-ho, who directed the dramas “The River where the Moon Rises,” “Kingmaker: the Change of Destiny,” and “Saimdang: Memoirs of Colors,” and writer Cho Sung-gul, who produced the films “Hitman” and “Midnight Runners.”

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