Will Disney+’s upcoming 7 original Korean contents be able to beat Netflix’s “Squid Game” and others?

Netflix, the leader in the home streaming industry, succeeded with many original Korean works such as “Kingdom,” “Sweet Home,” “D.P.,” “Squid Game,” and “My Name.”

Following Netflix, Walt Disney Company’s OTT Disney Plus will start its service in Korea on November 12th. Disney+ will become a big match to Netflix, which has been in the Korean market for five years and 10 months since January 2016. On the 14th of last month, Disney+ announced seven original Korean content plans at the APAC content showcase.

Let’s take a look at these plans of different genres, ranging from dramas to movies and entertainment programs.

1. Jung Hae-in, BLACKPINK Jisoo’s drama “Snowdrop”.

Original Korean Disney+ Content
Disney+’s “Snowdrop”

Snowdrop” depicts a desperate love story in Seoul in 1987 between Suho (Jung Hae-in), a prestigious college student who suddenly jumped into the dormitory of a Women’s University, and Yeongro (Ji-soo), a female college student who hid and treated him despite the country’s sad surveillance and crisis.

Popular actor Jung Hae-in and world-class star BLACKPINK Jisoo worked together, drawing keen attention from the drama’s planning stage. On top of that, JTBC’s “SKY Castle” director Cho Hyun-tak and writer Yoo Hyun-mi once again joined forces for this project.

Currently, the first official teaser containing the emotional moments of Jung Hae-in and Ji-soo has been released, and the drama is scheduled to be released in December.

2. Kang Daniel’s first acting challenge, the drama “Rookies”

“Rookies” is a drama that tells the story of young people’s love and challenges at a police academy. It is the debut and first lead role of popular idol Kang Daniel, who has been receiving love as a solo artist with the song “One Top.”

Original Korean Disney+ Content

Kang Daniel plays the role of Wi Seung-hyun, who has a strong sense of justice and admirable intelligence. Chae Soo-bin has been selected for the role of Go Eun-gang, a problematic freshman who is also the heroine. These two will develop from enemy chemistry to exciting romance.

“Rookies” will be unveiled in the first half of 2022.

3. “Stranger” writer Lee Sooyeon’s new drama “Grid”.

Grid” is a thriller drama about officials and detectives that digs into the truth about the mysterious creature that saved mankind in crisis. Seo Kang-joon, who has portrayed various characters for each of his dramas, is back with the role of Kim Sae-ha, an official of the management office who does everything to pursue the truth. The person who cooperated with Kim Sae-ha to catch a clue about the mystery is Jeong Sae-byeok, a detective played by Kim Ah-jung.

Original Korean Disney+ Content

Grid” has completed all the filming schedules that have been running for recent months. Writer Lee Soo-yeon, who opened a new horizon for the genre with tvN’s “Stranger,” will present another paradigm with “Grid,” which will greet viewers around the world through Disney+ in the first half of 2022.

4. “Sixth Sense Kiss” starring Yoon Kye-sang and Seo Ji-hye, the drama based on a web novel of the same name

Sixth Sense Kiss” depicts a love triangle centered on the female protagonist (played by Seo Ji-hye) who can see the future at the moment of kissing. In this work, Yoon Kye-sang takes on the role of a man who was harsh at first, but becomes softer as he gets along with Seo Ji-hye.

Original Korean Disney+ Content

It is a romantic comedy that takes place when two people accidentally kiss and see their “rated-R” future. “Sixth Sense Kiss” is scheduled to air in the second quarter of 2022.

5. “Moving”, the drama based on Kang Full’s webtoon

It is a superpower action hero thriller in which people confront enormous dangers that transcend generations and times. First of all, Ryu Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, Jo In-sung and Kim Sung-kyun take on the roles of parents who live by hiding painful secrets of the past that they suffered from superpowers.

Original Korean Disney+ Content

The roles of Kim Bong-seok, Jang Hee-soo and Lee Kang-hoon, who have the same superpowers as their parents but live without revealing them, are expected to breathe vitality into the drama by rising rookies Lee Jung-ha, Go Yoon-jung and Kim Do-hoon.

In addition, the characters Jeon Gye-do, Frank and Choi Il-hwan, who are related to the incident regardless of whether they are good or evil, are played by Cha Tae-hyun, Ryu Seung-bum and Kim Hee-won. “Moving” is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of 2022.

6. BLACPINK’s documentary film “Blackpink: The Movie”

BLACKPINK‘s 5th anniversary commemorative film “BLACKPINK: The Movie” is only available on Disney+ and movie theaters. “BLACKPINK: The Movie” was released on August 4 at 3,000 theaters in 100 countries around the world. Disney+ offers priority services in countries around the world except Japan and China.

Original Korean Disney+ Content

“BLACKPINK: The Movie” is the only film that will give the audience a wonderful time like “our party” when BLACKPINK accompanies Blinks from all over the world.

7. SBS “Running Man” first official spin-off, “Outrun by Running Man”

“Outrun by Running Man” is a new-concept variety show in which Kim Jong-kook, Haha, Ji Suk-jin and special guests will gather to provide upgraded missions and the best laughter. It is the first official spin-off of SBS as well as Korea’s representative entertainment show “Running Man“.

Original Korean Disney+ Content

The public is raising expectations for special guests that change every week, the guests’ chemistry with the members, unpredictable ideas that have not been seen in previous shows and ingenious materials that break the boundaries of programs. “Outrun by Running Man” will be unveiled through Disney+ in the second half of this year.

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