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“Why isn’t it coming off?” “EDEN 2” is going viral again for the hot skinship

The young men and women of “Eden 2” is showing an unconventional straightforward move.

In the third episode of IHQ dating reality “EDEN 2,” which aired on Nov 29th, eight young men and women (Kim Kang Rae, Kim Do Hyun, Kim Soo Min, Jo Yi Geon, Lana, Son Seo Ah, Lee Seo Yeon, and Hyun Chae Hee) shared some raw conversations on “The Night of Truth.”

Eden 2

In this episode, the panel (Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Bo Mi, and Simeez) were surprised by the appearance of a special guest. It’s Sun Ji Hyun from season 1. When asked, “Did you touch each other because the staff ask you to do skinship?” Sun Ji Hyun replied, “It just came naturally.” Lee Hong Ki then exclaimed, ” So it’s really their instinct.”

The young men and women of the Eden House then started their first “Night of Truth.” While Jo Yi Geon and Lana showed their feelings for each other without hesitation, Kim Soo Min and Hyun Chae Hee, who had a crush on the mentioned two, actively asked questions and went straight for what they wanted. Lee Seo Hyun and Kim Do Hyun, who were interested in Kim Kang Rae and Son Seo Ah, also expressed their feelings by asking straight questions, making future love lines even more unpredictable.

Eden 2

In the end, Lee Seo Yeon was selected as the most honest person in “Night of Truth” and became a powerful person. Assigned by Lee Seo Yeon into the same room, Kim Do Hyun and Son Seo Ah also formed a new love line with signals from both sides. Son Seo Ah applied burn ointment to Kim Do Hyun, who took off his top, while Kim Do Hyun sang a sweet lullaby to Son Seo Ah. On the other hand, Jo Yi Geon and Lana felt burdened after each was assigned to room with Hyun Chae Hee and Kim Soo Min respectively by Lee Seo Yeon.

At the end of this episode, new activities and social conditions that were not included in Season 1 were shown in the preview, making viewers look forward to episode 4 next week.

Source: xportsnews

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