Why did BIGBANG win at MAMA 2022 with “Still Life” despite having not once performed the song live? 

BIGBANG getting an award at the 2022 MAMA was unexpected to many people. 

Recently on November 30, the 2022 MAMA Awards was held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan to honor the achievements of K-pop artists during the past year.  In addition to the appearance of various 4th gen idol groups, 3rd gen idols such as Nayeon (TWICE), BTS, BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN… still prove their strong presence by getting crowned the winners at important categories despite not attending. 

In particular, BTS especially stood out by sweeping all major awards, notably Daesang “Artist of the Year” and “MAMA Platinum”, dedicated to artists who excellently won all 4 Daesangs of MAMA.

Big Bang

Not only 3rd gen groups but a 2nd gen group also made it into the list of this year’s MAMA winners. BIGBANG won “Best Vocal Performance Group” with the single “Still Life”. “Still Life” has not been performed once by BIGBANG. The song was only released digitally with a MV as a gift for fans. Therefore, BIGBANG getting an award at MAMA was unexpected to many fans. 

As it turned out, BIGBANG’s “Still Life” completely met the criteria of this year’s MAMA Awards. The winner of “Best Vocal Performance” was selected based on domestic and overseas digital performance (60%) along with 40% judges’ evaluation.  

Bigbang YG Ent.

According to statistics from Circle Chart in the second half of 2022, “Still Life” is only behind (G)-IDLE’s “Tomboy” with a score of 361,700,642, among groups’ songs released this year. “Still Life” has also surpassed over 43 million streams on Spotify.  

Above all, the judges’ evaluation also played an important role in the criteria. With the excellent and emotional vocals of BIGBANG members, especially Taeyang and Daesung, as shown through “Still Life”, BIGBANG winning this award is well-deserved. 

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