“Public dating is the trend?” Stars boldly reveal their love stories

Recently, celebrities are engaging in candid and open conversations about topics like “public dating” and “ex-lovers”.

On August 18th, Han Sun Hwa garnered attention by mentioning her dating life during an interview for the movie “Honey Sweet” (directed by Lee Han).

han sun hwa

Han Sun Hwa stated that she had never been involved in any dating rumors since her debut. She shared her thoughts on public dating and marriage articles, expressing that she finds them appealing and attractive, especially as she grows older.

She expressed a positive attitude towards public dating, saying that she does not see the need to deny dating rumors.

Additionally, she revealed that she falls in love easily and finds people who focus on their work attractive. She humorously mentioned her role in resolving awkward situations and playfully discussed her flirting techniques.

These candid and straightforward discussions about dating by stars highlight their genuine and relatable charm. Sandara Park also made headlines when she appeared on the August 16th broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star” and talked about her ex-boyfriend.

She shared her experiences as a trainee and how dating was discouraged, emphasizing the need to concentrate on training. After her debut, there was a five-year dating ban, but she had an online relationship and used text messages to keep it private. She amusingly recounted having met her ex-boyfriend only a couple of times during their six-month relationship.

Similarly, Jeon Somi talked about her ex-lovers on the August 18th broadcast of TVING’s original program “Witch Hunt 2023”. When asked whether she has been contacted by her exes, she gave a cool answer, “We are in touch, 100%.”


On episode 187 of KBS Joy’s “Love Naggers”, Han Hye Jin attracted attention by humorously targeting her ex-boyfriend. Amid a conversation about the societal pressures men face about their appearance, she shared that she used to buy her ex-boyfriend many clothes because he did not dress well, making the studio a sea of laughter.

On the August 15th broadcast of JTBC’s “Salty Pawn Shop”, Soyou revealed details about her secret relationship in the past.

She confessed, “We once went to the sea in Incheon to play. We kept going by car to places where there were no people. When we were talking, the sun came up, so we told each other, ‘Let’s go see it.’ However, the wheels got stuck in the sand. Both of us were celebrities, so we couldn’t call a tow truck.”

On SBS Plus’ “The Love Master”, Ha:tfelt (Yeeun) recounted an incident when her ex-boyfriend visited her house after work. He asked if she could buy him a toothbrush at the convenience store, then jokingly asked her to buy underwear for him as well. She questioned whether it was appropriate to buy underwear for him. This incident led to their eventual breakup shortly afterward.

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