“Why are Korean movies so diverse?”, the answer of director Park Chan-wook is drawing keen attention

Director Park Chan-wook’s answer to foreign reporters caught the eyes of netizens.

At the 75th Cannes Film Festival, which closed on May 28th (local time), director Park Chan-wook won Best Director for the movie “Decision to Leave”. Meanwhile, actor Song Kang-ho of “Broker” won Best Actor.

In an interview after winning the award, the two expressed their thoughts on the reason why Korean films have recently been attracting so much attention in overseas markets.

Park Chan-wook

Song Kang-ho said, “I heard many foreign reporters ask ‘Why are Korean movies so diverse and dynamic?’. Korean people always change themselves and work hard. I think the efforts of Korean people in constantly challenging and transforming themselves have influenced our cultural contents.”

Regarding the question, director Park Chan-wook said, “It’s not easy to satisfy Korean audiences”, adding, “Even if you make a movie with a specific genre, concentrating on the emotion of that one genre only won’t satisfy the viewers”. 

Park Chan-wook

He continued to explain, “The audiences always hope to see laughter, horror, and emotions in one genre. I think Korean movies have developed because we suffered from this.”

Netizens who saw the interview of director Park Chan-wook gave various responses, such as “The standards are definitely really high”, “People of our country are quite picky”, “Koreans seem to have high standards for real”, “That’s right”, “They are hard to satisfy”, etc.

Park Chan-wook

Source: Wikitree

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