“WATERBOMB Goddess” Kwon Eunbi “I didn’t expect to receive so much attention, I want to be called ‘stage master'”

Singer Kwon Eunbi announced the splendid return of “Summer Queen” by releasing her first single “The Flash”.

“The Flash” is Kwon Eunbi’s new album and first single released in about 10 months since her 3rd mini album “Lethality” released in October last year. It is a summer season album where you can feel the intense yet refreshing charm to calm the summer heat.

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The title song of the same name “The Flash” is a pop dance song with the motif of the mythical character “Persephone”. It reinterprets the keyword “choice” of free will in a modern way.

Kwon Eunbi, who recently became a “Global Summer Queen” after performing at Korea’s largest music festival “WATERBOMB”, introduced her new single “The Flash” through a Q&A session.

The following is Q&A about Kwon Eunbi’s first single “The Flash”.

Q. How does it feel to come back with your first single after about 10 months?

A. I’m very excited to make a comeback after a long time, and I’m also nervous because it’s been a while. I can’t wait to meet my fans.

Q. Please introduce the title song “The Flash”.

A. It’s a song that expresses the moments of falling for each other step by step like a game.

Q. What is the highlight of “The Flash” performance? Please explain the key choreography.

A. I prepared a performance using ribbons for the first time. I think you’ll remember the performance using long ribbons in the intro and bridge parts as well as the repeated movements in the chorus.

Q. Is there a moment you would like to recommend “The Flash” in particular for?

A. It’d be great to listen to it when you want to live independently.

Q. You directly participated in writing lyrics for the track “Beautiful Night”. What kind of story does it contain?

A. The lyrics contain the feelings of free and thrilling moments of escaping from the repetitive boring daily life and going somewhere in the middle of the night together.

kwon eun bi

Q. You’ve been steadily participating in the production of songs such as “Door”, “OFF”, “Hi” and “Beautiful Night”. Is there a part you focus on when working on them? We wonder where you get your inspiration.

A. They contain the stories I really want to tell. There are many places to get inspiration from, such as movies, dramas, books, videos and everyday life.

Q. Are there any special episodes or memorable moments during the album preparation process, such as recording, jacket shooting or music video shooting?

A. In the “The Flash” music video, there are scenes in which I run. I shot them at Han River. In the morning, I ran while making eye contact with people on their way to work. It was a fun and memorable moment.

Q. Through WATERBOMB and “Underwater”, you’ve been called “WATERBOMB Goddess”, “Summer Queen” and “Resurgence Icon”. How do you feel?

A. I didn’t expect to receive so much attention. I’m happy and grateful for your love and interest! I want to show more of my various charms through future activities and performances.

Q. You showed a variety of charms through “The Flash” concept photos, such as elegant, pure, sexy and charismatic. Is there a stage or concept you want to try in the future?

A. I want to try a fairytale-like concept. It’s one of the concepts I’ve always wanted to try since my debut, so if I have a chance, I want to try it someday.

Q. What kind of image do you want to show through “The Flash”? What kind of reaction do you want to hear?

A. I want to show that Kwon Eunbi is a person with various charms. Wouldn’t it be the best to hear that I’m a “stage master”?

Q. Please say something to Rubi (Kwon Eunbi’s fandom name) who have been waiting for Kwon Eunbi’s comeback.

A. Rubi! I finally made a comeback after 10 months. I missed you so much. I hope you have a cool summer with my songs. I’ll repay you with better performances in the future. See you soon!

Source: iMBC

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