Innisfree’s Transition from Yoona to Jang Won Young Stirs Contrasting Reactions Among Korean Netizens

Concluding an 11-Year Contract with Yoona, innisfree Transforms Its Image with a New Muse

The cosmetics industry is ever-expanding and flourishing, with thousands of products and numerous new brands emerging each year. To maintain their position and capture the hearts of consumers, cosmetic brands must constantly update their trends, revitalize their image, and, most importantly, find an influential ambassador to propel their brand to new heights.


Among the brands that have undertaken a remarkable transformation in recent years, innisfree stands out. When innisfree is mentioned, many immediately think of Yoona, the face of the brand for an impressive 11 years. However, in recent times, innisfree has boldly reimagined itself by enlisting the captivating presence of Jang Won Young, a fourth-generation beauty, to take Yoona’s place. This decision has stirred a wave of mixed reactions from passionate netizens.


Since 2009, Yoona had embarked on a captivating journey with innisfree, skillfully personifying the brand’s essence of freshness and simplicity through enchanting and unpretentious photoshoots. Her delicate features and graceful demeanor have become synonymous with innisfree’s gentle charm. In every advertisement, she effortlessly embodies a natural allure, donning vibrant hues and a subtle touch of makeup.

Throughout her remarkable 11-year collaboration with innisfree, Yoona has immortalized her ethereal beauty as the embodiment of spring. She exudes an invigorating sense of vitality, with her luscious brown locks and naturally captivating allure, requiring minimal embellishment to captivate hearts.


In a shrewd move, innisfree swiftly embraced Jang Won Young as their new muse immediately after bidding farewell to Yoona in 2020. The brand showcased its keen perception and seized the perfect timing, harnessing the burgeoning fame of Jang Won Young, who had recently emerged from a survival show, leaving an indelible mark with her distinct presence.


Won Young’s innisfree promotions unveil a more elaborate and bold makeup style compared to Yoona. Clearly, she infuses the brand with a youthful and trendy aesthetic, accentuating her adorable and winsome qualities through vibrant attire, plump lips, and luminous, wide-eyed charm. In Jang Won Young, we witness a palpable sense of contemporary dynamism, as opposed to the understated elegance associated with Yoona.


innisfree’s audacious reinvention has sparked a whirlwind of reactions from netizens:

  • “innisfree has now embraced a sporty and dynamic image, aligning flawlessly with current trends. It seems the brand has realigned its target audience.”
  • “Personally, I wholeheartedly embrace the present. Jang Won Young’s allure is simply enchanting.”
  • “Yoona’s natural and authentic image for innisfree was a true gem, necessitating time for us to adapt to the transformation.”
  • “Yoona’s partnership with innisfree has undeniably reached legendary status. It remains to be seen how the shift to Won Young will be received, as time will be the ultimate arbiter.”

Source: k14

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