“This actor” rose to stardom after 20 years of being unknown thanks to a fill-in role

For more than 20 years, Jo Han Cheol struggled going back and forth between stage plays, musicals, and movies. He was waiting for a success that will come someday, which finally came.

“Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days”

Jo Han Cheol was given a chance in the 2018 movie “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days”. He appeared as “Judge 1,” replacing Oh Dal Soo, and received favorable reviews for his acting and chemistry with Im Won Hee. Jo’s name finally appears in the credit of a blockbuster movie. His public recognition suddenly rises and he gets to enjoy his belated heyday.

jo han chul

However, this was not Jo Han Cheol first time being the substitute for anyone. In the drama “100 Days My Prince,” he wasn’t in the original cast. When Yoon Tae Young left due to his drunk driving scandal, Jo filled in the position.

jo han chul

In fact, he was called in to fill in the empty role in a rush, and the role of the king could be a heavy burden to anyone. However, Jo quickly immersed himself into the role, and was loved by many for his stable performance.

jo han chul

Isn’t this the result of his passion for acting that has kept him continuously running during his unknown days? Currently, in the drama “Reborn Rich,” he plays the Sun Yang family’s second son, Jin Dong Ki, who is ambitious and fatally smart.

“Weak Hero Class 1”

He also played the father of Beom Seok and a lawmaker who is different from what he looks like in the Wavve original series “Weak Hero Class 1”. Despite the short screen time, he’s still showing off his presence.

jo han chul

“Juror 8”

jo han chul

Did you guys see Jo Han Cheol anywhere else? Let’s hope that the flower road of actor Cho Han Cheol, who shines with his small but big presence, will continue!

Source: Daum

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