WakeOne Meets With Kep1er Members’ Agencies To Discuss Project Group’s Activity Extension

Kep1er’s agency WakeOne is planning to extend the project group’s contract

According to SPOTV News on September 22nd, WakeOne recently met with the management companies of Kep1er members and had a discussion about extending the project group’s activities.

An agency official said, “We met with the agencies of all Kep1er members and shared our opinions about the group’s future activities”, adding “Most of them agree with the purpose of this extensions so we are planning to discuss more for the rest of this year”.


WakeOne then told SPOTV News, “As the Kep1er project is already halfway, this is the right time for us to have preemptive meetings to establish a roadmap and strategy for the artists’ long-term activities and make the same proposal to all the agencies”, adding “We did our best to reach an agreement with their former agencies but some did not coordinate this time. There is still a period of activity left for the group, so we will continue discussing with them”, revealing their position carefully.

As the meetings between the agencies showed a positive signal for a contract extension, if Kep1er is confirmed to continue, this would be the first case in the history of project groups formed through audition programs that successfully renew contracts with all members.


Kep1er is a girl group selected through Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999”, an audition program featuring trainees from Korea, Japan, and China. The group made their debut on January 3rd, 2022, and is actively carrying out activities in Korea and Japan. They will release their fifth mini album “Magic Hour” on September 25th and start promoting it.

Source:  Daum

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