“Vigilante” unveils first poster “Nam Joo-hyuk, model student by day & criminal judge at night”

The first poster for Disney+’s original series “Vigilante” has been unveiled, highlighting Nam Joo-hyuk’s dual charm

“Vigilante” (directed by Choi Jeong-yeol) follows a model student from the police academy who protects the law during the day, but at night lives as a “vigilante” and dispenses justice to criminals who evade the law.

The first poster shows a division of Kim Ji-yong (Nam Joo-hyuk) with distinct faces. The contrast between the left face, deeply hidden under a black hood, and the right face in a police uniform reflects the dual nature of Kim Ji-yong who is a model police academy student by day and “vigilante” who becomes a judge of criminals escaping the law at night, intensifying anticipation for the emergence of a new dark hero.

The bloodstains, scars and cold gaze on one side of the face somehow indicate vigilante’s cold-hearted will and principle towards criminals evading the law. In contrast, the opposite side in neat uniform showcases the model police academy student Kim Ji-yong, raising curiosity about Nam Joo-hyuk’s acting.

“Vigilante” will be available on Disney+ from November 8th and can be enjoyed every Wednesday.

Source: Daum

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