Viewers Surprised By The News Of This Upcoming Drama’s Unexpected Netflix Broadcast

The historical drama “Goryeo–Khitan War” will be released on Netflix

“Goryeo–Khitan War” is KBS 2’s new historical drama released as part of their special plan to celebrate the 50th anniversary of public broadcasting.

“Goryeo–Khitan War” draws attention because Korean historical dramas have never been released simultaneously on Netflix during its TV broadcasting period. In addition, anticipation for the drama is high as it marks Choi Soo-jong’s return as KBS historical drama’s lead actor after 10 years.

Goryeo–Khitan War

In response to the news, netizens in online communities commented, “Wow, I didn’t expect this, but it’s understandable… Sending the project to global filming site, they must be very confident in the drama”, “Wow KBS is promoting the drama well. A historical drama on Netflix”, “I’m looking forward to the drama”, “Oh I really like historical drama”, “What a relief. This will reduce viewers’ burden of watching the drama on live broadcast, and the image quality on Netflix is also better compared to terrestrial broadcasts”, “A KBS historical drama is being released on Netflix?”, “It’s a highly anticipated drama…”, etc.

“Goryeo–Khitan War” depicts the story of King Hyeonjong uniting Goryeo under his tolerant leadership by leading in the war against the Khitans to victory together with Gang Gam-chan, the King’s political mentor and the commander-in-chief of the Goryeo army.

In addition to Choi Soo-jong (as Gang Gam-chan), the cast of “Goryeo–Khitan War” also includes Kim Dong-joon (as King Hyeonjong), Ji Seung-hyun, Lee Won-jong, Kim Joon-bae, Kim Hyu, Lee Si-ah, Lee Jae-young, Jo Seung-yeon, etc.

The production team recently aroused keen interest by releasing the drama poster featuring 13 actors in the main cast. The group poster shows Kim Dong-joon sitting on the throne against the backdrop of the Palace after overcoming a fierce war and regaining peace. Ji Seung-hyun and Lee Won-jong appear in armor with blood after struggling with the Khitans. In particular, Choi Soo-jong shows determined eyes as a reliable commander-in-chief.

“Goryeo–Khitan War” will premiere on KBS at 9:25 p.m. on November 11th. The episode will be available on Netflix on the same day.

Source: Wikitree

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