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Viewers shocked at the scene on “Kilimanjaro” where Yoon Eun-hye cried while vomiting… “I can’t breathe” 

As Yoon Eun-hye began her journey to climb Kilimanjaro, her rough climbing was slightly revealed in advance.

On tvN’s travel reality program “Kilimanjaro”, which aired on October 29th, the members were seen starting their journey toward Kilimanjaro.

yoon eun hye kilimanjaro

The broadcast showed the journey that started in September 2022 when the cast began to walk 5,300 kilometers above sea level toward Kilimanjaro. At 4 a.m on the 6th day of their climbing, they were 590 meters to the summit.

yoon eun hye kilimanjaro

While the members were walking in the muddy darkness, someone asked, “What happened to you, Eun-hye unnie? I didn’t see you”, showing concern.

yoon eun hye kilimanjaro

Yoon Eun-hye then said, “Can we split up into teams to take some rest and continue walking slowly? I’m out of breath right now”, drawing attention with her painful complaint. She continued, “I feel sick all of a sudden. What should I do now? It’s making me crazy”. Yoon Eun-hye was seen vomiting sometimes while talking.

yoon eun hye kilimanjaro

While talking to the members on the phone, Yoon Eun-hye ended up shedding tears. She said, “I can’t breathe. I think I won’t be able to make it”. As soon as Yoon Eun-hye sobbed, Hyo-jung and UEE also shed tears.

oh my girl hyojung kilimanjaro

Attention is focused on what ending the cast, who tried to make their steps to the top of Kilimanjaro, will have. 

Meanwhile, “Kilimanjaro” is a reality program that depicts the challenge of young stars who are serious about mountains. 

Source: Daum

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