Viewers link Kim Eun Sook’s previous drama “Mr. Sunshine” with her current work “The Glory”

Fans of screenwriter Kim Eun Sook’s dramas find out similarities between her old and new characters and stories.

Netflix’s original series “The Glory” is a new work by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook. It centers around Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who was a school violence victim, taking revenge on the five perpetrators after becoming an adult.

Kim Eun-sook

It is known that the writer began to write the script after talking to her high school daughter. “The Glory” contains not only the sincere apology from the perpetrators to the school bullying victims but also the writer’s supportive message encouraging the victims to recover their lost selves.

Before releasing “The Glory”, Kim Eun Sook was famous for her bright and cheerful romcoms. She wrote many soft and romantic dramas, such as “Lovers in Paris”, “Secret Garden”, “The Heirs”, “Goblin”, and “Descendants of the Sun”.

However, the writer seems to have been into the period genre since she introduced “Mr. Sunshine”. Many netizens are also guessing that the title of her recent work – “The Glory” has a significant connection with Glory Hotel in “Mr. Sunshine”.

mr sunshine

In “Mr. Sunshine”, Glory Hotel is run Kudo Hina, a person of Joseon who was born as the daughter of Lee Wan Ik, who betrayed the country, and had to marry an old Japanese at a young age then became a widow. 5 years after her husband died, Kudo Hina inherits the hotel. On the outside, she’s a beautiful widow, but she actually hides many sad stories. Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) helps and supports her acts of patriotism.

Strangely, Kudo Hina has some similarities with Moon Dong Eun. She secretly spends her whole life secretly her personal revenge on her traitor father, who belongs to a pro-Japanese group. The hotel eventually explodes at a critical moment and Kudo Hina dies. Her helper Ae Shin reminds many viewers of Joo Yeo Jung, who said he would hold the sword for Moon Dong Eun.

the glory

Then, what will be the ending for “The Glory”?

Apart from its original meaning, ‘Glory’ also refers to ‘trumpet flower’. Like the way the ‘devil’s trumpet’ and ‘angel’s trumpet’ appear in the drama, ‘trumpet flower’ is used as a symbolic and important image.

In the language of flowers, trumpets symbolize empty love and good news. However, as there is also a double meaning of “being entangled”, viewers can make various speculations. Trumpets have to climb onto something. If they don’t have anything to hold on to, they will dry up and die.

In the character posters of “The Glory”, the school violence perpetrators are wrapped around by trumpet flowers, making viewers think that the ending for each character will reflect the meaning of the trumpets. 


In addition, those who enjoyed Kim Eun Sook’s previous work will also notice this detail. The line Jeon Jae Joon said to his daughter Ha Ye Sol, “I love you. I will protect you” was similar to Ji Eun Tak’s confession to Kim Shin in “Goblin”.

There are still many unsolved details that need to be explained in Part 2, which will be released in March, and drama fans are still finding and explaining the hints in Part 1. 

Source: Daum

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