Viewers are in love with this rookie actress’ visuals in Kim Se Jeong’s new drama “Today’s Webtoon” 

She only plays a supporting character, but her visuals are no joke. 

On July 29, “Today’s Webtoon”, the drama marking Kim Se Jeong’s first comeback after “Business Proposal” aired its first episode. In addition to the leading actors, “Today’s Webtoon” also garners attention for its visual-studded supporting cast, which mostly consists of rookie actors. One of them is Ha Yul Ri, who plays the famous writer Ppommeu.

Ha Yul Ri Today webtoon
Ha Yul Ri as Ppommeu in “Today’s Webtoon”

In “Today’s Webtoon”, Ppommeu is the most popular webtoon artist at Neon Webtoons, the company where the main characters work. She started out as an amateur author. After signing with Neon Webtoons, she gradually became famous. Ha Yul Ri has a beautiful and chic styling, boasting a celebrity-like aura in the drama. Meanwhile, the female lead Kim Se Jeong has a basic style like most office workers. With short hair and bangs, she flaunts a cute appearance which is the opposite of Ha Yul Ri. 

Ha Yul Ri Today webtoon
Ha Yul Ri has a beautiful and luxurious image
kim se jeong thumbnail
While Kim Se Jeong has a simple styling

Talking about her role in “Today’s Webtoon”, Ha Yul Ri said, “It’s an honor to be a part of such a nice work. I hope that viewers will have fun watching the drama. We are working hard on filming, so hopefully you will watch it with love until the last episode.

Born in 1999, Ha Yul Ri has only made her acting debut for a year. In 2021, she appeared in two popular historical dramas, “Lovers of the Red Sky” and “The Red Sleeve”.  In “The Red Sleeve”, Ha Yul Ri plays Bae Kyung Hee, a concubine with a cold appearance but a warm heart, who always stands up for and takes care of other court ladies. Despite her little screen time, Ha Yul Ri still impressed viewers with her natural acting. With her role in “Today’s Webtoon”, Ha Yul Ri promises to continue showing off her great potential. 

Ha Yul Ri’s stunning visuals
Ha Yul Ri’s stunning visuals
Ha Yul Ri’s stunning visuals
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