Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings in April: “Hangout with Yoo” tops the chart, followed by “Running Man” and “I Live Alone”

The Brand Reputation rankings of the entertainment programs in April have been announced, drawing attention.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the rankings of the “April Entertainment Program Brand Reputation”. According to the results, MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” beat second-place SBS’ “Running Man” and third-place MBC’s “I Live Alone” to take first place.

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The ranking is the result of extracting and analyzing 110,065,105 big data from 50 entertainment programs loved by the public from March 3rd to April 3rd.

Korean Shows

“Hangout with Yoo” recorded a brand reputation index of 5,572,479, ranking first by a narrow margin with No.2 “Running Man” (brand reputation index 5,119,700) and No.3 “I Live Alone” (4,295,873).

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In addition, after taking first place in February, it attracted attention by regaining the top spot within a month.

Korean Shows

“Hangout with Yoo” drew attention with a 35.66% increase compared to last month’s brand reputation index of 4,107,727.

The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute said, “‘In the link analysis of ‘Hangout with Yoo’, ‘call, confront, compete’ came out highly, and ‘Running Man, non-face-to-face conversation, PD’ were analyzed highly in the keyword analysis. In the positive-negative ratio analysis, the positive ratio was analyzed at 83.51%.”

Meanwhile, variety shows in the April Brand Reputation Rankings for entertainment programs are “Hangout with Yoo”, “Running Man”, “I Live Alone”, “Knowing Bros”, “Call of The Country”, “My Golden Kids”, “Kick A Goal”, “Radio Star”, “Immortal Songs”, “My Little Old Boy”, “I Am SOLO”, “King of Mask Singer”, “2 Days 1 Night”, “Tuesday Night is the Best”, “Yoo Quiz on the Block”, “Doomed Marriage”, “Omniscient Interfering View”, “Master in the House”, “National Team”, “Same Bed, Different Dreams”, “Animal Farm”, “Unexpected Business”, “Hot Singers”, “Jujeopzzang”, “National Singers”, “The Return of Superman”, “Delicious guys”, “Gayo Stage”, “Steel Troops”, “Amazing Saturday”

Top 50 Entertainment Program Brand Reputation rankings in April:

Korean Shows
Korean Shows
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