Uzurocks once again lied to Song Ji Hyo and failed to pay her on due date 

It’s the due date today (July 20th) but Uzurocks broke their promise about Song Ji Hyo’s unpaid settlement and cut contact with the media.

On July 20th, TV Report contacted Uzurocks Entertainment to ask whether Song Ji Hyo’s settlement had been completed but Uzurocks staff hung up after saying “We’re busy right now. We’ll contact you later”. Song Ji Hyo’s legal representative also stated, “She has not yet received her settlement payment”.

Song Ji-hyo

The situation remained the same even later in the afternoon. Uzurocks still refused to answer the phone, and Song Ji Hyo’s lawyer repeated, “We did not receive any call, and have not yet received any settlement payments.”

When asked if they had contacted Uzurocks, the lawyer sighed and said, “Except for when we sent the proof of contract content, we have never contacted them first. Contacting them doesn’t seem to make them pay the overdue settlement earlier, does it?”

In October last year, Song Ji Hyo signed an exclusive contract with Uzurocks. However, she notified the company of her contract termination after six months, exposing Uzurocks for not paying her. Song Ji Hyo was supposed to receive 984 million won from Uzurocks but the company has repeatedly broken their promise to complete Song Ji Hyo’s unpaid settlement since the end of April.

In addition, Uzurocks keeps changing their position. On June 30th, the company announced that they would pay Song Ji Hyo the delayed settlement by July 3rd or July 20th at the latest. 

According to Uzurocks staff on July 27th, they would receive an investment on the 17th. They emphasized, “The fund might get delayed depending on the investor but we will definitely solve everything by the 20th”.

However, it’s already July 20th but nothing has been resolved. Uzurocks promised to pay Song Ji Hyo and all their employees on this day, but an employee complained to TV Report, saying “I didn’t even know it was today. I don’t receive any calls about that from those who have left the company”.

Source: Daum

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