Uhm Jung Hwa Decorates 5 Billion Won Luxury Villa with a Beautiful Flower Garden

Uhm Jung Hwa showcased her transformed house terrace into a flower garden.

On June 21st, Uhm Jung Hwa‘s YouTube channel, ‘Umaizing Uhm Jung Hwa TV,’ released a video titled ‘Uhm Jung Hwa’s Easy and Simple Cooking Methods.’

uhm jung hwa

The video captured the newly decorated terrace garden of Uhm Jung Hwa’s luxurious villa. Uhm Jung Hwa said, “I love flowers so much, and I received a flower garden as a gift. I’ve always wanted to create a flower garden, but I couldn’t do it.” 

She added, “The person who renovated my garden watched ‘Doctor Cha’ and ‘You Quiz’ and was deeply moved, so they gave me a flower garden as a gift. They did everything from morning till evening yesterday.”

uhm jung hwa

Uhm Jung Hwa proudly showed off her garden, filled with beautiful flowers and trees that rival famous botanical gardens. She exclaimed, “I will decorate it even more beautifully and take a walk with my dog. It’s so beautiful. I’m happy.”

Meanwhile, Uhm Jung Hwa recently received much love from viewers of the JTBC drama ‘Doctor Cha,’ which recently concluded its popular run. She played the role of the protagonist, Cha Jung Sook.

Source: Nate

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