UEE’s “Live Your Own Life” starts with disappointing rating, KBS weekend drama sluggish situation continues

“Live Your Own Life” started with a low rating in the 10% range

According to Nielsen Korea on September 17th, the first episode of KBS2’s weekend drama “Live Your Own Life”, which aired on the 16th, recorded a viewer rating of 16.5%.

As a result, KBS weekend dramas continued to start off with low viewership in the 10% range, from the previous work “The Real Has Come” to the follow-up series “Live Your Own Life”. The rating of “The Real Has Come” episode 1 was 17.7%, which was the first time in four years since “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” that KBS weekend dramas recorded ratings in the 10% range.


In its last episode, “The Real Has Come” failed to surpass 30% and ended at 22.9%. Following the failures of “It’s Beautiful Now” and “Three Bold Siblings”, KBS weekend dramas once again struggled with the 20% rating situation.

“Live Your Own Life”, depicts the story of Hyosim, who has devoted her life to taking care of her family due to her kind and warm personality, eventually pursuing an independent life away from her family after suffering a hard time due to her family members, who have always relied on her dedication and sacrifices.

UEE Live Your Own Life press conference

With the casting of actress UEE, who led the hit weekend drama “My Only One” to nearly achieve 50% rating in 2019, expectations are high for the miracle to happen again as she takes on the female lead role of “Live Your Own Life”. Although “Live Your Own Life” made an unstable start with a relatively low result, attention is focused on whether the ratings would rise in the next episodes.

The first episode of “Live Your Own Life” introduced the members of Hyosim’s family. Tae Ho (Ha Joon), who returns to Korea to find his missing grandmother, reunites with his mother Sook Hyang (Lee Hwi Hyang) in an intense atmosphere, raising viewers’ curiosity about the developments.

Source: Naver

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